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Cause it's too cold for you here and now

☼ Day ☼

Main Account. Active in RPs and PMs. 22 Year Old Lady.

☾Child of the Moon☽




Date Updated: June 24th, 2020

Vibe: Alrighty. Alright. Okay.

My heart went "oop"

Roleplays : 3/6 Posted

|[ Behind The Mask ]| ⁕ Posted

|[ Cursed ]| ⁕ Need to Post

?????? ⁕ Under Construction

☽|What's In The Woods|☾ ⁕ Need to Post

|[A Dangerous Sanctuary]| ⁕ Need to Post

|[When Lightning Strikes]| ⁕ Under Construction

♫Current Listening♫:

→June 2020 Playlist←

So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater

$ |[When Lightning Strikes]|
$ |[ Cursed ]|
$ |[A Dangerous Sanctuary]|
$ |[Within the Mind's Eye]|
$ |[ Rummage ]|
$ |[ Behind The Mask ]|
$ ☽|What's In The Woods|☾

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