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Hi there. I am a full-time student going into my senior year, I will not always have time to respond and I apologize for that although I will try my best to inform you of my situation whenever possible. ES is not my priority even if I appear to be online all the time.



Look, messaging me should be damn easy, I am really really nice and I am not out to hurt you *unless you hurt me*, I am really understanding if you can't immediately respond. Not everyone can nor has the time to constantly be on hand to write up an amazing post, which most of us are capable of. I will do my best to tell you if I can't because of various events or situations that have occurred off screen, please know that when this does happen I do tend to send very long PMs and you as my fellow roleplayer should take the time to read and understand why I am sending you the message, which hopefully will never happen but if it does then I apologize for the possible eye strain caused.

+ Tales of Narnia: The Final Stand
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