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Broken to pieces.
Falling apart..
Wish for death...
I wont us never to part.
'cause I love you.
I don't care.
I want to be with you forever and on.
But I Guess..
Life will move on.
With out me.
On this.
I wait for the day of the blacken moon.
Cause then you will miss me soon.

Status: Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong? ... I'm Sorry
I am a mistake....!!!!!!!
Someone told me I was worthless and I was Mistake to ever date... I'm starting to believe he was right...

Name: Miranda
age: 14
loves: Kittys^^, Drawing, wrighting, Magic, Stars, Air (you have to like air with out it you can't breath O.O) blood...
Bestfriends: DennisMalcom bestfriend secne gaia.(only friend i trust anymore.... at alll...)
favorite bands: P!nk and Evanescence.
fave color: baby blue, gold, and purple
hair color: Blue for the moment
eye color: Left:blue Right:green (.i know shut up its weird)
Dating: ...
sexuliy: Pan

can I get your lips better speak my name

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