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The Wolf has come. He shall devour all.


Hope I didn't fuck up this time. I probably did.

[ ] Online; [X] Offline; [ ] Awake; [X] Working; [ ] School; [ ] Sleeping

When can you expect me to be on next? Sometime soon maybe? Definitely tomorrow after 9pm EST.

About Me, Myself, and I

Name: Alex
Age: 20-ish to 25-ish
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Advocate for LGBTQ, Gay Rights (I call them Human rights,) and doing whatever the fuck you want with your own body.
Relationship Status: What kind of sick joke is this?! ..... Yes, I am single.
Fears: Only one
Religion: The Seven
Other Things You Might Want To Know: Im a lot like a Canadian. One of the nicest people in the world until you piss me off. Also, Im an asshole by default. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I can make your life a paradise or a living hell. I'll both kill and die for you, whether you think it necessary or not. But I'll also rip apart every aspect of your life until it loses all meaning. The fact is, there is a such thing as a better life, and I can make that happen. But there are worse fates than death, and I can make those happen just as easily.
More Stuff: I can also help you with development, whether it be characters, roleplay ideas/plots, or anything else. I may be an asshole, but Im also a nice guy. Dont fuck that up.
Best Way to Piss Me Off: Insult my characters. I made them, therefore they are an extension of myself. They are my best friends, my worst enemies, and my puppets. If you insult them, you are insulting not only me, but my friends. I dont stand for that shit. They are there whenever I need them, you're not. So step back before you get bitch slapped.
Best Way to Make Me Happy: Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. You believe you have a good idea for your character(s) and mine? Shoot me a PM. Usually, you have to be in the same RP as me first so I know what the fuck you're talking about. But, if you're not, make it clear as if you were talking to someone who was completely clueless. Because if we're not in the same RP, I usually am.

Roleplay Shit

Posting: I write for a living. And Im also and EMT, but that is neither here nor there. What you can infer from those facts is that Im a para, multi-para, and novella style roleplayer. So I usually write upwards of 500 characters. I dont really have a limit, I simply write until I've written what needs to be written.
Frequency: Im pretty active on this site, but if Im going to be gone for any extended period of time, you'll be the first to know. I'll probably PM you or put it up here, so if Im gone for more than a week, check this shit.
Types of RPs: First and foremost, I expect quality AND quantity. Not one or the other. I have high standards. Deal with it. The following are the types of roleplays I WILL do: Group, Superhero, Supernatural, Fandom, Fan-fiction, Original, Zombies, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Spyfare, War, Adventure, and Spin-offs.
Types of RPs (Cont'd) : The following are the types of roleplays I WONT do: 1v1, 1x1, 1 on 1, Slave x Master, Furries, Neko, My Little Pony, Yaoi, Hentai (SO many tentacles), Romance, Super-Realistic, Gender-bend, Illiterate, Idiotic, or anything else I refuse to participate in. Dont PM me begging me to join.

Some Pictures, Muddafucker.


This site has long since withered my patience and sensitivity towards interacting with Users. If you find that I have been 'rude' or disrespectful towards you please note the following: I do not fucking care.

$ The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
$ The Seven
$ Fullmetal Alchemist: A New Age
$ The Legend of the Dark Fortress

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