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Hello! I'm Kenshi, and thanks for visiting my profile. I'm not up for anything currently aside from just chatting. Lemme know if you need advice or just wanna talk, I'm open to pretty much anything. Always eager to help out if I'm able. Have a nice day.



':Too Terribly Single:'

':Maximum Effort!:'

':Come in and stay a while?:'

':I'm twenty and awful with people. Looking for someone to comfort my nightly negative thoughts when I'm not high.:'

':Kik: darkshadow347:'

':GamerTag on Xbone: Probabilator:'

❋ ❋ ❋

I've Recently Been Called

Kenny : Black Hole : Ken : Shi-Shi : Kotko : Kenshi-kun : Sweetheart : Ken Doll : Gage

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List of My Epic Friends..

Ashleysaur, Kizu-sama, Sonix, BrokenRoses, Silverwood, Gamma Rose, Psyc

+ The Suede Grade Inn
+ Just Kinda.. Hanging Out Here?
$ Redcliffe Castle
$ My Personal Land of Entertainment
+ Late-Night Search
$ The Tale of Two Assassins
$ The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief

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