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Role Play Profile

s σ l α r í s
ι'll dιe ғιgнтιng, ιnѕιde мe тнere'ѕ a ғιre тнaт вυrnѕ

➽➽➽ Sol/Solaris/Sun/Sunny are all of the names that I go by.
➽➽➽ I personally don't care about gender. Use whatever pronouns you think fit me the best.
➽➽➽ I'm in my early twenties.
➽➽➽ Predominantly homosexual
➽➽➽ I'm a human being first and a writer second.
➽➽➽ Known languages: English and Mandarin Chinese

➽➽➽ I do not want to partake in an RP where I would be asked to play a canon character from a series, movie, or book. I prefer making my own characters rather than trying to fill the shoes of someone else.
➽➽➽ I'm no longer a student, but I have a job, and am looking for another job to pay the bills. If you pressure me to post, I probably won't bother to do so. Just because it says I am online does not mean that I am online.

тo нeal, yoυr ѕcarѕ ι wιll gιve yoυ everyтнιng ι can


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