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Sup all, I'm not on as much as I'd like to be cause I'm finally in college but if you want I'm gonna throw in my social here to keep in touch W all of you

Insta: D3falt_thef0x

Discord: FronzTheBogan#1252

Member of the RattPack crew since 2012 RattPack stands for Real All The Time its Logics crew and fans, originally tied from Frank Sinatra crew RatPack



Gotta get that Lean!!


Parkway Drive fuck yea!!


+ Back at it again with the search
$ DeathGames closed
$ Fredbear's Horror House
+ Rampage: No Mercy
+ No One Can Hear Your Cries In The Dark Depths
$ Love and Brains
$ Fnaf Rp
+ Working on the title
+ Day of The Dead
+ Search
+ Denver, The Mile High City 5280Ft
+ Dog Pound
+ UrbEX: The Hunt
+ Mindless
+ Rp Search
+ EDC Electro Fest
+ Bannock Street Garage
+ The Dirties
+ Truth or Dare?
+ Plot ideas
+ Random chat
+ Left 4 Dead 2 OOC
+ Left 4 Dead 2
$ The Walking Dead
+ Ghost Adventures roleplay

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