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Role Play Profile

 I do not know what to say here. Therefore, I start out like this: this is who I am. I like white boys a lot. Do not get mad at me if you are black and I tell you that I do not find you attractive. I just do not like black guys. Very few Mexicans, but I’m mostly into white guys. All my past boyfriends where white. I am bubbly I guess. I just started to wear makeup around Feb. 10, 2012. Had my heart broken from someone that I thought I was going to marry. I am a role player. I role-play on many sites, but the one I role-play a lot on is Vampire Freaks. It is a great site. I met many cool people on that site. I do role-play sexual things. I play more guys as sexual things than girls because all my girls are kind of a bitch. I wear my heart on my sleeves and I am not afraid to show that I do or tell you. If I say I love you, I love you. I love you as a friend, family member, or someone that I want to spend my life with. I stretch my heart around to everyone. ♥
 My spirit animal is a cat, so if I start making weird cat noises I am sorry. My friends did that around me a lot in high school. I am trying to stop. I love wolves. I dislike the color pink. I pen name was going to be Mistress Legacy.
  I have a sword. My sword is a girl and her name is Renhime. She is my first sword and I am not sure if she will be my last. It does not matter.
 I love to write stories, am good at it, and get better each day. Though I get stuck when it comes to writing, I have certain people helping me out at times. As if they do not even know the help me, it just happens.
 I am a part time college student.
 Master Maaku has helped me get into this lifestyle but I have always been interested in the lifestyle ever since I was a little girl because since then, I was trained to be. Because I was trained to be in this lifestyle since I was a little girl, I can be a babygirl.
 I would say there are two halves that make this whole. Maaku would call me Imp. I am dedicated to him. So that’s my sub name, my mistress name however is on another account but I still demand certain people call me Mistress Rogue Legacy even if they are not my subs. Not sure when I am going to get my own sub. I have some anger to let go of.
 2012 was a year that I hated, and liked, but mostly hated. My fiancé broke up with me Jan. 20. I got with my crazy/abuse ex boyfriend Feb. 14. My cousin, his girlfriend, and a 16 year old boy was shot and killed March 3rd. Smoked weed for the first time sometime around in March. Met my best friend Miah in April. Got kicked out of CSUB in Aug. Was told I had depression. Got kicked out of my house two days before Thanksgiving. Got with my ex boyfriend on Halloween, only to have him break up with me Dec. 12 for another girl. You know what, I thank my ex boyfriend for that one random day that he tried to make me jealous. It was May 15 that he met a girl name Amber and that day later we met Maaku Arya. It was that day I fell out of love with him and in love with Maaku. June 15th was the day I became His girl. I gained a sister that day. Fred. We spent the whole summer together. I really enjoyed my time with them. Then something happened. I became a brat. For two and a half months, I left Maaku’s side. I came back though. I could not stay away. I was in love with Him and Fred.
 Those two months of me being a brat…yeah it was because I was starting drama. I out of those two months I was dating the person I said that I got together with on Halloween. I started to hang with Maaku and Fred a week later. I realize that I still wanted to be one of Maaku’s girls that Friday. Like for real, for real. Um…what else. Huh…I can’t think of anything at the moment. I will add something later.

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