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Role Play Profile


I answer to Mal, Epic, or M.

Old enough to know better, not old enough to care.

Whatever you want me to be. Does it matter? I'm whatever character I play. I am man. I am woman.


I do moderate to advanced work ONLY. I aim for about a 2000 word count per post; it depends upon my mood and what I am given to work with.
(And that's words. Not characters. If you require an example, please look to the list of rp's I am involved in, and read any post by 'Malachi'.)

Romance, horror, dark fantasy, slice-of-life.

Unoriginal plots- including but not limited to stories using characters of a make or model already received by the media
(i.e. Naruto, Harry Potter, Ouran, and any number of YA vampire romance fiction.)

I am a writer. That means when I involve myself in an RP, it becomes an extension of who I am and I take such dictation accordingly. I am nitty, gritty, dark and dirty- with a warped sense of humor that'll cut you to the quick. Romance is my middle name, the game I play, and I'm a motherfucking champion. Little girls- and boys for that matter- who can't take the heat, better stay out of the sheets.
If you decided to RP a love story with me, chances are it
go to email.
My characters curse, cuss, and kill. They have chips on their shoulders, cracks in their souls, and the stitching used to piece their broken hearts back together is often infected. In short I am not above exploiting the realism of a non-perfect world.

Please ensure that you can match my level. This is not to be taken as a conceited claim. It is simply fact. If you cannot write with even the most simple iota of correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling, then I am not the rp partner for you. If you cannot write more than three sentences per post, then I am not the rp partner for you. If you cannot write with even the most simple attempts at creativity, and just want to be 'along for the ride'- expecting me to do all the work- then I am not the rp-partner for you. If you have the inability to appreciate 'mature romance' over automatic smut, and 'farce' over crude humor, then I am not the rp partner for you. And last but not least, if you want me to rp with you simply because you are looking for a half-way decent male to play at your pre-teen fantasies of kissy-kissy, damsel-in-distress love stories, then I am not the rp partner for you. Please, have some self-respect already. And if you do not have it, find it. And if you can't find it, you're not looking hard enough so please go jump off the nearest bridge.


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