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Currently interested in group roleplays or 1x1 and the the topics of:
-The Mortal Instruments (or anything related to shadow hunters.)
-Harry Potter
-Fallen Angels
-Angels and Demons
-High school
-Rebellion Roleplays ex. The Host, Divergent etc.
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If you want to roleplay with me, send me a link of your roleplay and I will take a look

Her parents were all for the "new" government and all the while, Shyla was bent on rebelling, when she turned 13 she, by herself, high tailed it to the "mountains," where every rebel lived. She didn't want to be killed although it has been four years that she has escaped, she recklessly went into the town that she ran from with a canvas styled truck to go get supplies for her village. She was dead sure that she might get caught. Along with the eight other that went with her. She was scared for her life but she wasn't nervous, even if she did get caught, she wouldn't care it was her time to show the government rebellion, and Shyla was damn well going to do it. With her weapon of a Origin Semi-Automatic shot gun, Shyla held her head high and went into the supply store.

She walked down the street and froze. Were was the security at things popped up quickly in her mind maybe it was a meeting maybe it was something else. Shyla was going to be one pissed pup when she got back to her village an realized they had been discovered. When no one was there, Shyla motioned for everybody to move quickly and leave no trace. Her colleagues were the best she picked them out herself and they were all run by her. She was like a female drill Sergent when she needed to be, and most of the time she scared older men shitless. She was intimidating and beautiful and that is what got her to where she was. She and the others got all of the supplies before they heard noise of the gate opening. "Times up guys let's move,"she said with a yell whisper thing going on. She loaded everyone up making sure she was the last caravan truck to leave. She got in and made sure they all made it threw the gates.

They made it to their village and what Shyla saw was chaos brewing. Shyla speed in front of everyone which was her known signal for danger. They all stopped and Shyla jumped out. "The found us, everybody make a break for it and don't come back you here me! They will find you if you dare try to come back, this is their village now. RUN! FLEE!"she yelled as she watched sobbing eyes as well as vengeful eyes left the premises all in different directions from where they came and where they were going. Shyla got back in her truck and hid it from every government thing in sight. From there she got out and choking down her anger and fear she climbed a tree until she wasn't noticeable. She had her silenced gun in hand and was aimed at a solider that was carrying a boy who seemed to be drugged as well as seemed to be sixteen and she shot the solider.

Down he crumbled like a sack of bricks. She climbed down and ran to get the boy when everything was clear. She checked the soldiers pulse as well as the boys. Very faint he was drugged but the soldiers must have assumed him dead seeing him on the ground like that by a dead solider. "Always check you morons."The village was chaos and nothing was left but her and this boy/man she just "saved." She took him to the truck loaded him up seat belt and everything and started driving. She didn't know where she was going or when he would wake up but she sure as hell hoped she made the right decision in saving the boy. She looked back in the rear view mirror to see nothing but her village burning and in ruin with a tear rolling down her face she put the petal to the metal and left everything she knew before behind.

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