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Role Play Profile

MirandaManson2- ...
TickleMe- One of the coolest girl on here. She's also my Dad. *I loves you daddeh.
Amyumino-the most epicly awesome and random girl on here.
YourLoveIsMyDrug-loves you like a daughter lol
LovelyWolfie-the cute one
GermanyBaby-Awesome chick
Emmi Bear
Zeek2356-This dude is epic. We shreded it out on guitar.
Rena-the nice one
Musiclover-The sexy one
JazzyBear-One of the kindest people i've ever know.
Leggomyeggo-Is just plain fucking amazing.
RainbowIce-This girls got it all she's cute nice and sexeh and well any other god damn thing you can think of. :D
This isn't in a specific order
Art made by friends of me and them. Ain't they sexeh
you know your jealous XD.

Me and Gabby

Me and Jaz

Don't get close to me,
Please dont start to care,
My illness is infectious,
An incurable disease.

I'll make you sick,
And I'll make you cry,
It'll hurt so bad,
You'll just want to die.

Dont get close to me,
I dont want to be held,
To feel your breath on my neck,
Is my idea of hell.

Dont misunderstand,
My hearts not stone cold,
Actually, it burns,
But It'll hurt you to know.

+ For the love of Link
+ OOC For Guardians
+ Guardians(OPEN)
+ For me and Lovleywolfie

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