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Role Play Profile

WOW It's been awhile since I've edited this soooo...

Yo, my name's Ellie and I am a furry.
Respect me and I'll respect you, otherwise I'll get pretty aggressive
and probably threaten to rip your throat out with my teeth.

I'm aromantic and asexual, genderfluid (They/them) and not too friendly at times, you want friendly you make nice with my buddy Animeluver. HOWEVER if you want something turned into a communist statement you go over to my yiffy buddy REBELREBELREBEL

In terms of roleplay I'm fairly fickle and highly selective.
Please don't ask me to roleplay if I don't know you.
My hobbies include: Drawing gore and porn (I don't do commissions), playing horror games, light roleplaying and dog care.

As they say in Sanyway SHOVE IT. <3


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