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Name: Evette Stone a.k.a Bloody Eve

Age: Deuce Tre

es status:

specie: Unknown

Motto: Fear not of what can go wrong, but be hopeful of what can go RIGHT

To wake up in a crazy world of supression and fear, it takes just one to break the chain...

Sometimes, when your thoughts are complex or simple... to balance the hectic world that is your mind, depending on how you can handle it, will make you a genius... because your insane.

And maybe...
You were meant to be

$ Fate of All Beasts *under construction *
$ Osiris and The Phoenix *under construction *
$ Some Things
$ The Four Horsemen *2x2* semi-lit
$ Hounds of The Plains
$ The Warriors *Closed*
$ The Wrong One *1x1* *revised* °need Lit male°
$ The Story of Ay-kashi **Under Construction **
+ The Devil's Doctor *Under Construction*
$ Touch 1x1 Wolf male Requested
$ His Samurai's Revenge 1x1
$ Comic Design Chat room *Closed To Public, PM Request*
$ The Running Night 1x1 open
$ The Wolf
$ The Lost Soul 1x1 CLOSED
$ There's a Man in The Woods
$ The Bond 1x1
$ ※EVIL※ ♛x♚ 1x1
$ Ambient Beast
$ The Wrong One: The Shadows 1x1
$ Lone
$ ◊и ɬサ∑ Яㄩи
$ A Man and His Friend 1x1

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