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In this thing called life, we have up's and down's, and we have our doubts on most things. But
with the right mindset, we can reach our dreams if we work hard enough. We can reach the sky if we wanted too.
{x} I am online and able to post || {} I am lurking and unable to post || {} Offline doing everyday life.

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WhisperRose- || linkthehero || AWritersLove_ || Burningsxn
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{x} End || {x} Fleeting || {x} Loved || {x} Death || {} Silver || {} Forever || {x} Holiday
{x} Elysium|| {x} Mill || {x} Earth || {x} Check
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Alfa Foxtrot Tango || In Another Life {Book 1} || In Another Life {Book 2} || In Another Life {Book 3} || Murder! Murder! || T H E R E A P E R || XYY Criminal Gene
|| Until the End of Time ||

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$ Elysium
$ Love and War
$ Loved and Lost
$ A World Apart
$ :Deadwood:
$ Beauty and the Beast
$ Castle of Secrets and Shadows
+ Tale as old as Time
+ Colony
+ End of the World
$ Timeless
$ The Cullinan
$ War of the Heart
$ Worlds Apart
$ The Green Mill
+ In Another Life [Book 3]
$ Murder! Murder!

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