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I have basically been banned from my computer during the weekday, so I'll be trying to update as much as possible. I'm sorry if this puts any dents in your plan

Hello! This is my second profile on this site; I was formerly known as Tiryn, but I'll be trying my hardest to inform everyone about my situation :)

With that aside...
HELLO!! I am a fan of almost anything and everything and will cosplay as both genders!! I love to write, but I do have a life outside of Elite, so if I don't update immediately, I'm either:
A) Asleep. I value my sleep quite a bit, especially on school nights.
B) I don't have a computer. This seems to happen, but hopefully I'll be getting my NEW computer soon ><
C) I am really upset and don't want to take it out on anybody else or start a fight because I seem to misunderstand EVERYTHING!! Don't get me wrong (I am actually quite intelligent; smart and intelligent, there is a difference), but I just seem to misunderstand some stuff ^^"

These are the people that I'm really close to:

Akiho: my sister (not by blood) and I've known her for several years; she was the one who introduced me to this site :3
simmal: MY BROTHER!! XD Not really, but he's family, dammit >.> He's a great person to talk to (all of my friends are, but hey; flattery does get you far in life!!)
riflemeister308: ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE EVER!! I am so glad I met him :) Another member of my family ^w^
Alum: Pretty much a father to me, though we're only a few years apart :)
GoldenSpider666: One of my bestest male friends :D He's awesome and amazing and anyone who says otherwise gets castrated with a wooden spoon dipped in silver ^w^
ParadoxofAwesomeness: Really cool person to talk with :D Don't talk much, but still a really cool person :3
TheEvilOne: One of my newer friends on here, but I really care for her! Meaning: You hurt her, I will personally come and haunt your dreams~ ^^
smoonstyle: My amazing buddy from Germany :D *confetti* Hurt moony (heheh, Harry Potter reference xD) and you will be missing :3 ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!!!!
Vinci: Think awesomesauce built as a person :D]

This is from a thread I was posting xD
HAH!!! XD Now he has to find an explanation for four kids out of nowhere. I could see it now;
"Dad, where did I come from?"
"Um, well...."
"Are you a baby daddy? Because that would just suck; I mean, screwing the girl, getting four kids in the process..."
"You've been busy haven't you?"
I'm dying of laughter just writing this xD

Some of my characters have opposite personalities/looks:

Damian, the Son of the Beast and Belle:



Alice in Wonderland:

Evil Alice, also known as Ecila (Eh-ka-la)

Normal Alice, which I will never use~

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