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Going out of town for the weekend, but as always I will be available for message if anyone needs me.



Aliens -

Of Crystal and Dragons -

Dust -

Fall of the Court -

Story of the Century -

Unbroken and Unbent -

* * *

* Loxi * Female * 25 * Literate * Taken *

Looking for in depth stories with at least a hint of romance.

I'm a little picky, but please don't hesitate to send me a message.

* * *

+ Fall of the Court
+ The Song the River Sings
$ -Krieg-
+ Just a Little Adventure
+ The Lighthouse Witch
$ Let's be Heroes
$ Gods Among Mortals [Northernwolves]
$ Story of the Century
$ A Siren's Song
$ Demons
$ Testing Grounds
$ For Moonpieranger
$ Aliens with WI_
$ BA Space Adventure
$ Who comes along next?

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