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Role Play Profile

Edit: Life got crazy for a year, and now I've logged on in 2019 for nostalgia. I'm sorry for those I've left behind. I'm safe and alive, but a lot of things happened and I'm still going through a lot of changes in my life. I'm probably not the same person I was when I was RPing.

If we knew each other or were RPing in the past and you'd like to find me on other sites, I'm on DeviantArt,, and Furaffinity as CreativeRed (Sites ordered from most to least active).

If you'd like to stay in touch and would be interested in joining but don't have an invite code, feel free to note me on DA (Not here) and let me know who you are and what RP we did in the past, and I'm more than willing to share my invite codes!

Thank you all for the memories and fun times!

My name is Red, and I'm a professional pet stylist. I'm also a hobbyist writer with dreams of someday publishing my own book of short horror stories.

I'm twenty six years old, but I seem to have skipped the whole 16-25 stereotypical mentality and went straight into adulthood. I'm just really mellow....

Anyways, the best way to know me is to know some of my likes and dislikes! (As far as RP, writing, and interacting with people on this site)

I'll start with the likes first.

Fandoms I'm interested in are: Pokemon, OUAT, Sherlock, Black Butler, Marvel (Mostly just loki and tony stark), Hannibal, MLP:FiM (OCs- Very picky on this), Borderlands, and Undertale (Very picky)

Things I like in a RP/partner:
Descriptive posts
Dialogue/actions in every post to fuel the plot
Flexibility/understanding in time restraints or writer's block
Proper spelling/grammar (I'm not a hardass, but firefox and chrome both have spellcheck. Use it. So do phones. Not sure about IE but who even uses that anyways?)
and most importantly; If there is a set of rules/laws in the universe (i.e. X magic is widely used, but Y magic is not.) or anything that governs how the world works, I would like them to stay that way. (So no sudden fire type pokemon completely 1HKOing a water type)

And now on to the things I do not like and most likely will not tolerate:
Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/etc (Just...No.)
Racial stereotypes and Whitewashing (If your character is a picture of a white girl who is an "indian" named "bird of feather"....Just go. Go take a racial studies class or something.)
Incest RPs
Pregnancy RPs
Foot fetish-y stuff in RPs
Consistently bugging me for insert X reason (If I haven't replied yet, don't worry, I will. If it's been a long time, like, 100+ days, I probably lost interest. Sorry. Apparently that's how things work here- I will do my best to let you know if I do lose interest, but sometimes things outside of this site happen and I'm unable to do so)
I do not like RPing real life people, celebrities, actors, k-pop artists, I don't know.... You do you I guess, but I find that kinda creepy and an invasion of privacy.
And lastly, most of my fleshed out characters will have art of them drawn by me or someone else. Don't use them, don't use the characters, and don't ask me to change my characters for a RP.

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