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Role Play Profile

Hello there!
Username: Twisted_Love
Name: Lindsay
Age: 18
Gender: Female

This is my second time on here. I decided to get a fresh start on here since all my old rps had died or slowly dying, or no interest.

I am up for mostly 1x1 or 2x2s. I do roleplay in groups but they must have a very good story line that is likely to hold together. I don't want to be a part of something. Get excited and be let down. Its happened its not a good feeling at all.

I do mostly romance rps. Its what I am best at. I can play both male and female. Sometimes female a little better it really depends on the situation.

I am on here quiet often and reply when I can. I am a mother of a sweet and amazing little babygirl, age 10 months. She is my world and defiantly comes before rping aswell does school. I am graduated but I am going back to do some upgrading before college.

this girl in the pic above is my life. She is my bestfriend and sister. She has been there through everything and anything. We lost our daddy this year. R.I.P Daddy. John Wayne Doxtator. Everyone misses you Daddy. <3

+ 1x1 for me and Revanblade
+ 1x1 for me and LostInThisAfterlife
+ 1x1 for me and msbeautifulnightmare.
+ Tough Love 1x1~closed
+ I'm Coming Home 1x1~ Closed.
+ Was it fate? 1x1 ~Closed
+ Irresistable Love 1x1~Closed
+ Looking For A Partner.

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