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I do not rp as often as I used to, right now I am writing a book called Elzion Geizon, which will be published by the end of next year. I check this usually once a week, but I am on discord 24/7 if you need me

$ Hera and lezier: summer???
$ For arya (creative name, ik)
$ Halo and Phylos: Insanity
$ Undertale: Pacifist
$ Frisk X chara 1x1 Undertale
+ Toxic vs Halo
$ Friends list
$ Amilia and Halo 1x1
+ New Kingdom chronicles Book-1 SleinStorm
$ Tsa, events page
$ Kasai and halo 1x1
$ 1X1X1 rp
$ Darkest hour
$ Just a place for nonofficial chars.
$ EnderFlare Clan
$ Dragons wind
$ For Pyro and Foxxy
$ For mell (Chat)
$ For mell
+ Chat
+ Search
$ Mangle and Foxy+nightmare animatronics
$ For targaryen
$ My chat
$ Endangered 1x1 v2

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