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Role Play Profile

A Little About Me

Name: Janelle
Aka: Jay, Island
Hobbies: Writing, Music, Jiu Jitsu, Video Games,
Favourite rp topics:
- Murder stories
- Street life
- Spies
- Vigilantes
- Fanfiction (based on games, movies, books, etc.)
- Fantasy/Supernatural
I really enjoy Rp's with character conflict, twists, and realistic relationships. Being on edge and excited in an Rp is something I enjoy as a writer and something I strive to provide for my Rp partners.
Posting Style: I am a fairly literate Rper. I take my time to ensure my posts are of good quality and provide enough engaging material for my partners to reply to. My typical posts tend to range from 1000-1500 words, occasionally more but very rarely less.
Posting schedule: I keep a fairly active, busy schedule in real life, which does limit my time to write and reply, however, I am committed to my active roleplays. As long as people are patient with me, I don't abandon my Rps. I also understand that other people are busy with their lives too, so I am happy to accommodate you're schedule if you will accommodate mind.
I typically post 1-2 times a week. If I am unable to get a reply up in a week, I try to let my partner know ahead of time.

$ Soulless - Literate RP
$ Welcome to Redwood
$ Assassin's Creed - Betrayal
$ for LadyNightshade
+ Alter-Ego
$ The Future of the Street Brats
+ **Supernatural**
+ Supernatural
+ Ma'iingan Wolf Pack
$ Street Brats

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