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Role Play Profile

About Me

Name: Luna

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Bio: I work in real life and therefor will not on as much and other stuff. I will take absolutely no bull shit from anyone, not even from my friends. I will put my foot down if I see something I don't like.

Come mortals I dare you to


RL: single

E.S: single

What I think is awesome

Linky it on


What is your 1001 wish?

I have a lot of family and friends and it still growing ^^ YAY

Ryan and Emma Ryan is not real

Onikage: an old old old old friend I care for as a brother not just any love a brother type I mean flesh and blood type. I care for him and his sister who I love dearly as well but fuck with them your going to hear a lot of shit from me. I mean it. I do love you Oni but not like what we use to have sowwy

SparoShadows: A good guy friend. I cant say much but He can all ways cheer me up when I am down. I can't say much more cuz that all I can say. He one of a heak of a guy.

BillieBelle Bella she is a one cool chick to hang around with. She cares for others and will all ways do so. I don't want to see her mad when she pissed off. I proud to say I am glad to have her as my friend. You rock girl.

Vossler: One of my first guy friends as well. He is cool and is my body gaurd. When I have a promble he helps me by talking it out. I really love his as a brother though.

Shadow_Fang: A funny guy to be around when he wants to be Also he is my bubba I will kill who ever hurts him.

Kajinarule: A wise friend of mine. He like a big brother to me. He calms everyone down when they are upset. He is wise one of all the friends I have. I hope I never loss him as a brother and a friend. I talking to you Kaji

KathyCross Kathy a person who is lovable and a person who you want to hang around with. She and I are closer then anyone I would say. She came to me about something and was honest with me about it. she is awesome. Someone I will protect just like all my other friends.

Dragoncita Sweet and loving preson. We are each other gauridens so you fuck with me you fuck with her and,Vise veirsa. I love you Drago =^.^= RAWR She is my mama as well. So yeah you been warn

Simmal DADDY I love him.
even if he is younger then me
He is the best. I love his company as well as his fighting. You mess with him I will kill you understand? I said my peace.

Dashan-the-fang My uncle. I don't know much but I hear he is awesome and loving and fun. I can't wait to get to know him more.


Kaji and me

Dragoncita and me

Fangy and me

Me and Daddy (Simmal)


$ Can someone save me? (open)
$ Can someone save me? (close)
+ Furries, wolves Oh my
$ my journal
$ me and dragon please
+ Ahoe matie or so to speck
+ Furries,wolfs or both? (taken)

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