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I recently got a job which means pretty much every day I'm not in university I'm at work and every time I'm not doing those I'm getting university work done... so please bear with me...

$ {For DarkVulpis}
$ Freak Show
$ Beautifully Insane
$ Light in the Darkness
+ Don't Call Us Freaks!
$ Sometimes the dead won't stay
$ {High-Low}
+ {Supernatural or Breaking bad search}
+ {Supernatural V.2}
$ {For Luminesque}
+ {Supernatural}
$ {Dead But Not Forgotten V3}
$ {For riflemeister308}
$ {Frozen}
$ {DBNF}
+ {Breaking Bad search}
$ {In Love with the Dealer}
+ {The Change}
$ {Meth heads}
$ {Breaking Bad}
$ {TLT for SilentOne}
$ {UnderWorld 3}
$ {I would have doubted me too}
$ {Maybe we can find love}
$ {An interesting love affair}

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