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Role Play Profile

A big reminder to my RP partners and Groups; School is in session so I'll be able to reply on the weekends most likely

Well Hello there! Welcome to my profile!

I'm interested in any type of role play. Normally I prefer the male characters. However, if a female character is needed then I don't mind being the female. I'm super understanding and patient when it comes to any type of rp and posting order.

Let's start with introductions Non?

Status: Full Time Student: Online classes in session

Here's a link to my writing

  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female
  • Interests: Writing/Reading/Roleplays/Texting/Sleeping/Soccer/School
  • Rp Time:
  • Normally within a few hours-one day unless I don't have internet. Also at the moment I do have some urgent family issues which won't allow me to post for the max of 4 days. Some things such as school and other things that are out of my control will also make it difficult for me to post but I will let you know and do my best.

$ Kingdom Of Shadows
$ Kingdom Hearts: Light Fall OOC

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