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mood: So i'm a senior and about to graduate. My god...

Name: Ryan / Gender: Male / Age: Old enough to get kicked out / Status: Taken, by my
kitten :3

So.. My babe never edits his profileā€¦like ever, so from time to time I go in and edit his stuff for him :3
lol this is all true, I love my babe and I am super happy she updates my stuff for me :3 It makes me incredibly happy

About me: I'm a 17 year old dude, Hanging out with my friends and just doing whatever it is that I normally do. I enjoy playing videogames the most and I am creative as my kitten would tell you. I'm generally a very happy person and mellow, thinking things through... ish lol I love doodling, not really drawing, just fancy doodles.

I be do whatever is I be do :P, so I wrote a story and you've probably seen it on the search thread, i'm going to make it open and i'd like it if the community commented on it and told me there thoughts on it, it'd make me very happy *smiley face here lol*

By the way to all of you out there. I was in Calculus AP in High School and I must say one thing... WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!

That is all.

+ The Death and Rebirth of the Moonlight Butterfly

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