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My name is Syri.

My Friends
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is a very nice person. She's very patient when I don't quite have the time to post or when I just feel lazy and she talks to me when I want to talk to her. And she's just an overall cutie =^-^=

is a great person! We have a few roleplays together and she's cool (sometimes) when I don't post to them! I just get writers block, okay?! But nah, she's awesome. We have skype chats a lot and from what I can tell, she likes cats. Cats. We're two completely different people but who knew we could be awesome friends. WAFFU AND SYRI FOREVER 2013.

is the best fucking person in the history of history. If she were a guy (though I like both) I'd fucking date her. That's how awesomely awesome she is. PERFABULOUS. We're like...the best of online friends ever and we like pretty much nearly the same things. Anime. Gay men. More gay men. You know, the works. I wish she lived here and not in her imaginary town, but eh...what can you do?

+ Dr. Pepper - The Yaoi Appreciation Chat
$ for mi amiga-
$ - waffu, the sexy man roleplay awaits -
$ - now that we're done -

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