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vvvv WARNING vvvv:

I work nights. Sleep in the afternoons. and Travel Often.

^^^ WARNING ^^^

"Forgive my wandering eye, I cannot explain why it's right over there. forgive my wandering eye, I cannot explain it, I cannot contain it." -Weebl's Stuff. (click here)

About Me:

UPDATE: 08/10/20 Three down...a few to go...Akuma, Kaiju, Tweedy, and Willofiam. Thank you, for sticking with me. I try to post in order. I'll try to update status better. As of right now, I'm working on F&C, followed by Summercamp and then Creature's dues.

Status: offline

Make note, I'm in the Central Time Zone.

Though most of the time it doesn't matter because I don't think anyone should care.

Here, try this if you're curious. It's a converter for time from where you live to where someone else lives...I myself am in Memphis TN.

Convert My Time!

Disclaimer: Yes. I am not ashamed to say I cyber. No I NEVER do it HERE in any kind of way. ;p Respect the site. Respect the rules. Take it someplace else.

My Yoshi is cuter than yours! Thank you lilbluejay. ^.^


-ES old site member since 12/31/08-


Magic of blood and pain

Warming a frozen cold heart.

The Savior

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