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Theme will be Brittany Robertson and Dylan O'Brien.

Editing my character profiles to

and finally
"Posting status"

Shall get done in the next couple of days.

Posting status: Working on posts on all accounts. Jezebel-Chan. Rouge. MuffinBooBaby. And -BrokenHearts-

+ White Oak Academy.
$ .| Behind Enemy Lines |.
$ Britt and Dylan's Story
$ I won't give you my heart!
$ The Elders. (Open, 1x1)
$ Mistakes...
$ Unfinished posts.~
$ Geisha.~
$ Don't Hurt Her... (one x one)
+ HappyEndings (closed)
+ For Your Information...
$ I Love you.~ Forever and Always.~
$ My Best Friend.
$ Save Her From The Infection. (Closed)
+ My Possessive Step-brother.
$ It's Not what you think! (Male Needed)
+ Beauty and the Beast.
+ Xchick and BooBaby
$ Love or infatuation?
+ Love stronger than lies?
$ All Kinds of Tension.~
+ Falling In Love, All Over Again.
$ Love Triangle #2: Work Place.
+ Crow; The Ever After.
+ Cheaters.~ (For Jackie!)

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