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Role Play Profile

Name: Katey
Gender: agender
Pronouns: ne/nir/nirs/nem/nemself (used respectively like she/her/hers/him/himself)
Sexuality: asexual, somewhere between aromantic and demiromantic; not currently looking for partner

Cartoons I like:
Adventure time
Steven Universe
Code Lyoko
My Little Pony
And several others, just ask

I can do both original and show-based plots, first or third person, romance or queerplatonic pairings or none, dom/sub, and more. I depending on the Roleplay and the situation I might be around an average of 700 characters. I definitely can and probably will end up doing more in some situations but I don't do so all the time.

Current character highscore: 3081
Word highscore: 607

Longest post to date:

I smiled as the rich delinquent's screams filled the room. It gave me such satisfaction to see this horrid child in pain. And his screams were so raw, so helpless, so invigorating. It made me want more. And he deserved more. A lot more. But first things first...

Letting go of Eden's arm, I went over to the side of the room out of his field of vision, laughing as he struggled to see what I was doing. I took a few minutes to finish what I was doing before he awoke, then went back over to him. "This won't hurt a bit," I smirked, jabbing a needle into his neck. I then pressed down the end of the syringe, injecting him with a special concoction.

"What the hell was-" The boy began, but was interrupted with a surging pain in his neck where I had injected him.

"Told you it wouldn't hurt a bit. Only a lot." As the boy began screaming once again, I sighed in the joy of his pain. Should I explain what's going on now, or later? Hmm, well now he's distracted and might not hear me right. Meaning when he makes a mistake later from not understanding me correctly, I get to punish him more. "Listen well, kid, cause I won't repeat this. The pain you are feeling now is your body adjusting to the nanotech I put in you. It will stay in you for the rest of your worthless life. If you don't follow the rules, you'll be put in a pain similar to what you are in now as punishment, until you can be restrained and taken back to me for further punishment."

But Eden was in way too much pain at the moment to really register any of the words. He heard very little of what he said, if any. Finally, after a few minutes of the relentless agony, the pain stopped.

I smirked and went over to the side of the room again to put away the syringes and grab something else. "You thought that pain was unbearable- wait till you get your ID brand." I walked back into his line of site holding a small, but red hot brand. "This may be more than you can take." Very much enjoying his pain, I pressed the brand against the back of his hand.

It was all I could take to keep the brand still and not laugh my head off yet when the boy freaked the hell out, thrashing and regaining a little feeling in his limbs from the adrenaline. "Stay still," I ordered, holding his wrist tight. "If you mess the brand up, I'll have to do it all over again."

When I was finally done with the brand, I took it off. A number and a letter were scarred deep into his hand. "1801A. that's all you are now. A number, as insignificant to the word as a robot. As of this moment you are not to tell anyone your name when they ask who you are. As far as we are concerned, you don't have a name any more. 1801A is your ID number and dorm letter, and that is what you are to tell anyone that asks you for your number. Got it? I know you are in pain, but if you don't respond to me, I'll put you in even more pain. Now, you have five minutes to ask any questions you have. I can't guarrantee I'll answer all of them, but go for it anyway. I suggest you use your time wisely- you won't be allowed many questions after this."

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