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Role Play Profile

(When COVID19 gets all of us under isolation, the search threads are going to be everywhere! lol )

[INFJ][Taurus][Old-timer][Taken][Narrative Writer][Slytherin]

1x1 RPs
The Dark Raven Soars - To be written
Story of the Century - POSTED
Cataclysm - POSTED
Time and Again - POSTED
For the last time -POSTED

Group RPs
Rise of the Guardians - In Progress

My People:

$ *Rise of the Guardians* The Chronicles
$ I can't believe I'm doing this.
$ Veridian Prime
$ For the Last Time
$ Time and Again OUAT Saga
$ This Time Around OUAT Saga ((FINISHED))
$ Once Upon a time (1x1) ((FINISHED))

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