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STATUS: Slowly making my way thru posts. Thanks for everyone's patience.

Story of the Century -Eris/Gaius - POSTED
Dark Raven - Charlene Dodger - POSTED
Cataclysm - POSTED
Time and Again OUAT- POSTED
For The Last Time - POSTED

Rise of The Guardians - plotting
To Reclaim a Kingdom- POSTED

[ Female ][INFJ-T][Taurus ♉️][ old-timer] [ Taken] [Narrative Writer ][DEVIANTART TiceMaster]

Personal Rules & Regulations:

> Please do not PM me with just a link or a "What's up?" I'm pretty laid back, but this is something that bothers me. If you'd like for me to look at your RP please include a link to your RP with its Title and a small synopsis of what it is you want to achieve.
>Original Plots ONLY
>I am a Mature writer with an affinity for Romance stories, and considering my age I REFUSE to RP with anyone under the age of 18. Please be courteous of this request and don't lie to me -I hate liars. If you are under the age of 18 I WILL NOT write with you.
>You can always count on me to play multiple & complex characters Male & Female
>I only play in Hetero 1x1 RPs.
>If you are a mature person 18 years or older, and a literate writer, feel free to message me at any time if you want to roleplay. If you desire sample posts, please click on any of the threads on my page and read whatever you like written by me. Some of my character profiles also have sample posts on their pages. My average post length is 1,000 -1,500 WORDS not characters.

Other fanciful things...
- I find this site as a means to keep my creativity flared, and to always help improve my writing skills. So if you ever have advice please, send it my way.
- I work a full-time job and manage life with my Soulmate. RL takes precedence over fantasy, and so I am slow to post. This is because I spend multiple days working on posts between work and social activities, and the other RPs I am active in. Please be respectful of this and the other players I write with.
- I am not crazy about all the pictures and fancy decorations or font colors people seem so intent on worrying about. All I care about is how good your writing is and if it can keep me interested.

Since you've made it this far

Genres I enjoy are:
Fantasy (any time period)
Romance (hetero)
Reality (if there's a really good plot, like a mob family or political intrigue/spy)

My Hommies!

$ *Rise of the Guardians* The Chronicles
$ I can't believe I'm doing this.
$ Veridian Prime
$ For the Last Time
$ Time and Again OUAT Saga
$ This Time Around OUAT Saga ((FINISHED))
$ Once Upon a time (1x1) ((FINISHED))

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