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(center || Contemplating Life || Female || Photography|| French Horn Player ||

{ Hello and welcome to my profile! My real self is kind of shy and a bookworm.
{ My interests are art, singing, and last photography. I love every thing about photography because you can express you're self through your photos! }


Sample post:

The jokers interest

The first fucking day and already shit hits the fan.

"Guys we got a call! House disturbance possible homicide!" Her group leader Demetri yelled to the other members. Carter sighed gathering her things as she pulled her hair into a high ponytail. Grabbing her black leather jacket and gun as they all walked to the front of the precinct. Pulling her jacket in and slipping her gun into the back of her pants. Hopping down the worn cement stairs of GCPD she heard the beeping as the car unlocked. Opening the front passenger door she climbed inside and shut the old door behind her. Taking off toward the address of 392 West grim drive she instantly knew that a disturbance wasn't uncommon in that part of town it was the area where villains resided in shoving that thought aside as they turned and continued on. Six minutes later they pulled alongside the curb of the building and one of the third story windows was busted with blood and glass sprinkled across the side walk on the street. Fear gripped Carter and Demetri yelled.

"GO!GO!GO!" She bolted from the car pulling her gun from the back of her pants and they raced upstairs. Coming to the door Cam stepped aside allowing her to kick in the door easily a sign of old age and wear she stepped inside. The floor was littered with a broken table and chair which were splinted and one leg of the chair was stuck thrown into the wall lodging there.

"Check the apartment." She said as the others nodded and started spanning out. Going to the left room nearest the living room she saw a small trickle of blood that no latter became a pool of blood around the older ladies head. Hurrying over to her she stopped down and felt for a pulse. Barely there.

"Need a ambulance one lady down still has a weak pulse!!!!" She yelled and heard a yelp and a thud. Looking behind her was cam his body hunched to the side of the floor.

"What th-!" She questioned to herself. Looking out of the room she heard a bang and another shriek. Quickly she scrambled back to the old ladies body where her gun was but she felt a hand grab her ankle and pull her back her gun growing smaller. Screaming she thrashed and was picked up her face inches away from their attackers. His face marred and scarred from his earlier years his eyes yellow and red from something she couldn't pinpoint. A low chuckle and he shifted his weight holding her waist and throwing her into the old flimsy wall but it breaking and her collapsing into the living room by the door.

"he ugh.." She coughed and gasped gurgling as she rolled from her back to her hands and knees and blood oozed from her mouth. Before she had anytime to do anything a heavy steel-toed boot connected with her right side sent her to her back again. Letting out a scream she gasped and tried to back away as he kicked her again in the same side causing another scream to come from her a string of curse words followed. He straddled her and before she could crawl away and withdrew a long bowie knife with a curved hook on the edge. Leaning down to her face he showed a row of sharp spiked teeth and he leaned down licking the side of her face. Yelling revolted she thrashed and he grabbed her right side squeezing hard causing her breath to leave her. pushing the knife softly against her cheek a small warmth rolled down her cheek. Blood. He pinned her hands above her head with one hand bringing the bowie knife up above his head and poised to kill her.

She was going to die this very moment. Looking around she swore and struggled a couple of seconds before stilling she saw the mans arm tense and knew the blow was about to come. Closing her eyes tightly she hoped it would be quick.


Letting out a yelp she slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head scanning her body seeing no knife.She was alive. Looking up she saw the man in a frozen position looking to his chest three spots on his shirt were starting to bloom red the fabric torn from three bullet shots that tour through him. His arm slacked and the large knife dropped to the ground with a thud. He slumped down toward her and she got out of his grip and shoved his body to the left as he rolled to the floor her body no longer being weighed down. Breathing in deep breaths she propped her self up on one arm as blood stained the right side of her shirt her ribs probably broken or cracked. Looking to the door she saw a figure with neon green hair and purple eyes his face slightly white from makeup. His gun was toward the man and he dropped it by his side still in his hand. His breaths coming in quick and labored. A faint siren was coming closer in the distance looking back to the man from the window she saw a soft smirk and a nod before he turned and ran down the end of the hall to the stairwell.

The man had saved her life.

__________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Behind the Badge and under the Mask_ Intro Post

Carter remembered the day the older policeman came to their houses door that night at exactly 11:21 pm October 23. Her mother was watching a show with her as they were making cookies which had been baking in the oven the sugary smell she could still smell as if she were standing in that room with the younger Carter Kingsley and her mother. If she had been she would have told her to stop heading to the door maybe it would never had come true. The door had swung heavily open and the older women took in the policeman and went rigid. Her blue eyes going wide at the realization as the officer took off his hat and his eyes were bloodshot.

No.No.No.....NO! Her mother had cried out and went to fall at her knees when the officer lurched forward and had caught her in his arms and her body was racked with sobs heavy and long as she cried in the mans arms as he hugged her and softly a tear went down his face. The Kingsley's father had been a well known man in the police force and it was so unexpected the way the shootout had turned as it had been bad. Her father having been shot three times in the torso died on the grime covered streets of Gotham for the one thing he loved equally as much as his wife and daughter. Protecting the city of Gotham and the people in the town. A perplexed ten year old Carter stood with her small hand holding onto the counter as she was slipping off the bar stool standing there.

"Mom what is this man doing here!" She yelled suddenly concerned for her father's safety. The officer and her mother turned around as he let go of her the two adults looking at each other and her mother had breathed raggedly in before sniffing.

"It's your father Carter he was killed." The words hung in the air as she watched her mother look down not meeting her eyes. Her dad dead? No he couldn't be not today. She hadn't even said goodbye.

"Dont you lie to me! He'll walk through this door any minute! I'll show you...he will!" Screaming at her mother and the officer her eyes flashing between the both of them quick and precise. The words finally sunk in as the news anchor started to speak and Carter turned to the TV.

"Breaking News a shootout had just taken place between the Maroni gang and GCPD law enforcement resulting in the deaths of four of our close officers names will not be disclosed until the ceremonies have taken place. The result of the shootout is under investigation as we speak and ten gang members have been apprehended. Reporter Margaret Lewis Gotham News back to you." The breaking news ended and Carter was still as a statue her posture rigid and one of anger. Whipping back to the two she looked at the ground and tears spilled onto the linoleum.

"I didn't even get to say GOODBYE!" She turned running up the stairs and into her room slamming the door and causing a large crack to go up the side of the door. The ceremonies had been quick and Carter had spoken about her father but now at the age of 23 she couldn't remember what she had spoken that day dressed in black and a ghostly look about her as she spoke. Soon after the house had sold and her mother had carted the two of them to Seattle, Washington.


"Why didn't you tell me!" Her mother yelled at her, her face bright red with anger and probably fright. She had the Transfer form to Gotham's GCPD department in her small hand as she yelled at her daughter. It hadn't been that she was mad she was frightened to God's end. Her daughter was following in her fathers footsteps. No way in hell was her baby the only one she had left going to be put in the same situation as her father had been one day which had ended his life. She wouldn't have it no way absolutely not!

"You can't i won't allow you to go." Her daughter stood there and all she could see was her father. Her bright green eyes determined features that danced with beauty. As if her being was a dash of a devil with appearance of an angel.

"I will mom I'm an adult. I want to do this and I will. Don't stop me it'll just push me away from you." She said softly not getting worked up as her mother was at the moment. Her wise green eyes took in her mother as her eyes welled up and tears started down her face.

"I can't loose you too, not after your father I allowed you to join the force when you were twenty if I had known you were going to transfer back to Gotham......I can't loose you." She cried and Carter made her way over to her mother hugging her close as her mother cried the same way as the night her father had died.

"You won't, you never will and you never lost dad either. He's with you all the time." She smiled and hugged her mother tight as the tears slowly over time stopped flowing. Looking up at her daughter she hadn't realized how much she'd grown up and softly a smile graced her face.

"Be careful you understand me..." A copy of her smile, smiled down.

"Always mom.....always."

_________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sample post

Feet slapping the hot burning pavement could be heard as Carter ran down a deserted road in a small town in Virginia the ancient trees hanging and leaves falling on the deserted cracked road. Breath after breath she pumped her legs the infected's high shrill screams in the background and all she focused on was the old small pale yellow scout 2 she had found in the previous town.

twenty minutes earlier___________ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Finally she had found her objective the small pharmacy the town held. Jogging quietly to the front of the store Pushing the door open quietly she crouched and snuck inside quietly and stealthily maneuvering throughout the store and went to the clothing department. Looking through the racks she found a small long sleeved black shirt. Slipping her shirt on it fit like a second skin and she sighed throwing the old shirt she had in the new bag she found in the camping department. Slipping on a pair of high waisted jeans she slipped a pair of tight black shorts into her bag and another pair of jeans and a jacket as well as socks, some underwear, and a small bone for Axel who was waiting in the car. Opening the front compartment she threw in supplies and some batteries and a flashlight. Grabbing all kinds of meds as well she stuffed that in too. Finally the last thing she needed was weapons. Looking through the fire arm area she found a small glock pistol with extra bullets. Grabbing a knife she put it in her combat boot and tied her laces back up. Seeing a bat that was wooden she got a idea. Going out the back she found what she was looking for barbed wire. Wrapping layer after layer on the bat she now had a solid weapon to use.

Screams filled into her ears and it made her stop walking. Looking to the right about twenty feet away was a infected. Dropping to the ground she swore at herself for not looking more. Bouncing on her front of her feet the way to the front was wide open and she could make the run to the scout 2 easily. Springing forward she ran through the department store and burst out the front and running in the direction of the car the infected's scream alerting her it was following rather quickly. The infected could run fast almost as fast as a person but could not stabilize itself when a obstacle presented itself. The one that had brushed her shoulder fell down and brought two with it. Spotting the Scout 2 she took out her key and heard the lock pop as she neared it throwing the door open she had slammed it shut just as the infected was within five feet and it slammed into the closed car door rocking the car and allowing Carter a sigh of relief. Starting the car she rolled the window down just a little and stabbed the infected in the skull and it dropped hard to the ground and silence filled the air. Sighing softly she turned to the german shepherd that sat in the seat next to her its ears finally straitening up.

"You okay Axel?" Carter asked softly as she rubbed his head and he leaned into the pet. Grabbing the bone she offered it which he grabbed with his front teeth and started chewing. Putting in the old tape she had found in the glove box the familiar tune of 'Come on Eileen' started up again as she put the stick shift in drive and they started on the road to the next town in the journey. Staunton, Virginia.

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