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Status: ~It begins.~

.:{Mirror or Kitti}:.



.:{Asexual Ace}:.


.:{Snakes make me happy. My snake family continues to grow.}:.

Gonna be fixing this up at some point. Too lazy to bother with it right now.

I always make it out on the other side even when it seems impossible.

.:{Favorite Quotes}:.

~I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own~ Adam Savage, Mythbusters

~When In Doubt, C4.~ Jamie Hyneman, Mythbusters

~....Evidence Getter Ridder Ofers~ Ron White, Blue Collar

~I cant do this! I'm intexticated! This is insane!~ Robin Williams

~Think about what your doing, not how your doing. What your doing, not how your doing. What, not how. What, not how. What, not how.~ Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

~Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called 'life'.~ Let's Go Crazy, Prince

~WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DISCOMBOBULATE?! ~ jacksepticeye, Happy Wheels

~I got gibbleted by.....pineapple....~ Markiplier, Happy Wheels

~Am I eyebrow? ~ Adam Savage, Mythbusters

~On a scale of wrong place to washing machine in the wall, how fucked are you?~ Markiplier, GMod Prop Hunt Ep. 42

~Because of the person that I am, a no good flibberty gibbet.... ~ Bunny/grav3yardgirl, World's Weirdest Beauty Products

~This is what drives people to turn into werewolves! It's a choice not a curse!~ Markiplier, Getting Over It - Part 3

~It took the peeper....~ Markiplier, Subnautica Part 76 - Feeding a Reaper a Peeper

~My window's open. My neighbors have been hearing me the whole time scream about poop. Crap.~ Markiplier, The Other Poop Game-There's Poop In My Soup

~Ma, look I can fly!--OoOoff--Ma, look I can die.~ jacksepticeye, Turbo Dismount-Part 2 - Custom Made Levels

~Oh jeez. Oh. You just got scraped. At least you look happy about it. I mean, there's no use crying over spilled milk. Or broken legs.~ jackseptickeye, Turbo Dismount-Part 18 - New Cars Update

~You son of a bitch, you gave me no other god damn choice here, so I have to use appropriate force! Son of a bitch! Mother humper! Snagglepuss! Fracktoids! Mmmmmmmmurder.~ Markiplier, Surgeon Simulator - Meet the Medic

~Look at it. Look at it majestically floating away! It's beautiful in a way. The brain. The symbolism of all that makes us human contained into one fatty, globular sack. And there it goes! Swimming in drugs, floating in mid air. That pretty much sums up the entire human existence, doesn't it.~ Markiplier, Surgeon Simulator 2013 Space Update(Alien Surgery)- Most Dramatic Ending Ever

~Dem bones, dem bones need calcium. Dem bones, dem bones need calcium. Uuugh. Dem bones need surgery.~ jacksepticeye, Skate 3 Part 6- Hippy Jump A Car - Betty's New Friends

~*jack running down the giant ramp and falls*That's what I expected to happen! Not this crazy ass whack-a-doodle!~ jacksepticeye, Skate 3 - Part 8 - Back To School - Miniskaters Are Hilarious

~I JUST TURNED OUR DIAMONDS INTO PORK CHOPS!~ Markiplier, The 12-Hour Slaps-Giving Livestream w/Mark, Bob and Wade - TEKKIT Travesties

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