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I have a horrible migraine. Trying to get it under control so I can catch up on posts.

Going back to work tomorrow, so my posts might take a little longer than they have the past two weeks.


wind in her hair, sun on her skin

you might even confuse her for the sunflowers she stands in



(font )

pen scratch sounds lovelier than music

the written word will be a timeless love


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$ Outer B- For Polka
$ NashVegas.
$ Summer House.
$ Baby Daddy.
$ Nashville Station
+ Closed.
$ Never Left.
$ Summer.
$ For Polka, Twilight.
+ Love Abroad.
$ AI & Love?
+ Tours & Love
+ Love or College?
+ Business & Age
+ Carnival Nights
$ ASIB--- Polka.
$ Semester Abroad!
$ Holiday Struggle
$ Closed for Simply Random
$ Single Mom at the Bar.
$ This isn’t High School
+ For Polka. Model.
$ My Choice - SheDevil
$ 2.0
$ Nashville.

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