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$ For mordortenebris 1x1
+ Just another talk thread.
$ Zelda: Majora's Revenge
$ Kingdom Hearts RP 1x1
$ Forever Loved Part 3: Bloody Rain REMAKE
+ I'm looking for a partner, nuff' said.
$ Blood Tears (Forever Loved REBOOT)
$ Broken Angels. Closed
$ The Sound of Silence
$ (Forever Loved Series 5) Darkness Returns
$ Cravings of Blood (Forever Loved) Series .5
$ Broken Angels
$ This might be it. 1x1 search.
$ Darc Future: The Rise
$ So. This is it. MY Story.
$ Beside the Dying Fire
$ Fragments of Absence
$ Psychosocial Tendencies *Archived*
$ KH 358/2 Days Remake
$ (Forever Loved: Series 3) Bloody Rein *REMAKE* *Archived*
$ (Forever Loved: Series 6) Not Tomorrow
$ (Forever Loved: Series 2) Blood Tears *Complete*
$ Forever Loved *Complete*
$ (Forever Loved: Series 4.5) Sangue Terra
$ Promises *Archived*

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