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Role Play Profile

Welcome to my page!

Name: Kera-chan or Kera

Gender: Female

Update: Busy but can write a bit.

Role Player Info

Characters: Female and Male, but I mostly play female. As a writer I'm trying to develop stronger male characters. I don't end up with a lot of chances to roleplay as a male character though.

Pics: Anime or drawing. I might occasionally use a real photo but it will take an amazing plot to do so. Real pics freak me out. At least with a drawing I know it's not you. However, I don’t mind so much with what my partners use as their character images.

Length: Anywhere from 500-1800 characters depending on the roleplay and the last post. I can do less or more if required. I guess that makes me semi-lit.

Genres: Fantasy, SciFy, Adventure, Medieval, Anime, and Romance.

Other: I am an incredibly patient roleplayer. What this means is if you take a break or quit the roleplay without telling me I will still believe a post is coming even if it is a year down the road. Please keep me informed as I will not PM you to ask if we are continuing the roleplay because I do not want to be bothersome or appear to nag you. Also I don't date online so don't get any ideas.

Thank you for visiting.

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