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Seems like I'm just stuck here.."
Who we once were

No Longer Remains When We Become Who We Are Today

That is who I was and this is who I am. I’ve come too far to turn back now.
Kai, 20, Asexual, Music and Money Motivated

My teacher said there's no such thing as stupid questions
That's why I always ask myself, while other dudes are guessin'
Like why don't all these rappers nowadays pursue perfection?
Why has the music that I love gone in this new direction?
And why are people so afraid to get aware?
Why does this younger generation hardly ever seem to care?
Why did all the older generations let their greediness
Destroy the world around us for money? And then they leave us this?
And what is money really? Why do we need it, right?
Do you use it to plug your ears so you can sleep at night?
So you don't hear your conscience tryna make you see the light?
Why don't they care about us? We're all just people right?
Why are we killin' Mother Nature for the paper?
Why is everything extinct or, critically endangered?
Why couldn't we have found a way to live together?
So everything could exist forever? This is my questionnaire

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$ Kai's descent into insanity.
$ Family roleplay
+ Young Neko child searching for Parents or a master

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