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Role Play Profile

~I used to pray to god every-night to give me a friend, one who wouldn't leave me~

★Megan Elizabeth {Lorien Elizabeth}★

★23★ ★Female★

★Straight★ ★Single★

★Worker Bee★ ★Muse Holder★

★Avid Gamer★ ★Anime Lover★

★Status: Whoo storms all over. In other news, how many more students are we going to loose before we are twenty five? How many more are going to die. We've lost at least four already and we aren't twenty five yet. How many more times is fb going to erupt with the devastation that another one is gone?★


★I have friends, they know who they are without being listed. I love you guys. You are the best.★

~I was blessed with the angels that he put into my life.~

Credit to Muta for the picture

$ .Safe Haven.
$ .Humble Home.
$ .Our Place.
$ .My Ohana.
$ .Secret Garden.
$ [Muse Haven]
$ .thє вunkєr.
$ .Murder At It's Finest.
$ .Blood Covered Moon.
$ .Dragons World.
$ .Gargoyles Protector Of The Innocents; Boys.
$ .Hells Paradise. [Closed For Riley]
$ .When Legends Become Reailty.
$ .Legends Of The Forest.
$ [Storage]

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