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The mountains are my bones. The rivers my veins. The forests are my thoughts, and the stars are my dreams. The ocean is my heart, it’s pounding is my pulse. The songs of the earth write the music of my soul
✧ Megan┋Twenty-Three┋Gamer┋Sensory Medium┋Nature Witch┋Muse-Holder ✧
✧ Motherly┋Protective┋Best-Friend┋Worker Bee┋Falling For Him ✧


Profile By Eli

$ σur hσusє
$ cσvєn
$ thє kєєp
$ .Magical World. {Closed}
$ .Secret Garden.
$ [Muse Haven]
$ .Murder At It's Finest.
$ .Blood Covered Moon.
$ .Dragons World.
$ .Gargoyles Protector Of The Innocents; Boys.
$ .Hells Paradise. [Closed For Riley]
$ .When Legends Become Reailty.
$ .Legends Of The Forest.
$ [Storage]

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