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Role Play Profile

Awake {} Sleeping {x} School{}

$ For Dark
$ U/C
$ Akuma No Himitsu (For Rabbit)
+ 1x1partner search
+ For Rusin
+ For Alduin
+ Occ chat XD
+ For Draco
+ Fallen Lotas (Open)
$ Their Secret
$ Pokemon Gijinka (For Fang)
+ untitled
+ For Rifle and I
+ Akuma No Himitsu
+ Black Rose Academy Occ chat
$ Inuyasha Rp (closed for BabyGurl95)
+ hidden in the shadows(Closed)
$ Yet Another Search fokes
+ for Color wheel of doom
$ Emo Corner for now
+ Wild Card 1x2
+ For Chatzy
+ The Vampire's Secret
$ The Demon's Tamer (Mangamanic )

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