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Role Play Profile

-Σ░(꒪◊꒪ ) surprise-

Now, what shall I do with this thing?


Clean-up is in order.







『FinePrint 』

Some good ol' ES folks-and friends-knew me as 「MysMi---o」 -but having (one of) my real-name(s) used on such a platform certainly makes no real "sense" 'specially not for a Writer, I mean, where's the "Mystery" in that ?
And so, in the same spirit as a reborn Phoenix -or duckling wondering where the breadcrumbs have gone- let me (re)introduce myself; to the majority of you children-old or new-who don't know me, please:

Call me
〚 AMyūzen 〛
*Tothatisay: t(ಠ^ಠ t) SecretPW: Found u, Mitsuko.

$ >|| The J-Mys News! ||<
$ [[IP-Mode]]

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