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Role Play Profile

Name: Lydia Marka
Age: 19

I'm the catalyst of chaos, I'm the one who feeds on the fear of the innocent and the blood of their strongest warriors. All those woh have tried to defeat me only ended up as another body to add to the accounts of death I have brought to the world. They plead.. They beg.

But nothing will save them... They will all... die.

+ Monita's Cafe!
+ Secrets can be dangerous
+ 特別な力
+ Memories
+ Elite Skills Candy Shop
+ ✘ Believe ✘
$ "D.O.W.N"
+ Daydreamer .:1x1:.
+ Blood's Legacy
+ Candy-Corn and Puckering Lydia! (Brainstorming OOC)
+ A RP!... i mean.. errrrr The making of a roleplay!
+ Modern Warfare: Operation D.M.S.W
$ ESCP Dating Corner!
+ Xionica (needs people)
+ A Present that transcends time (open)
+ The Forsaken
+ Lydia's gaming palace! :D
+ Guns of Ivory
+ Elite Skills Candy Palace!
+ Task Force 945
+ A Killer Relationship
+ OutBreak!: The City
+ Enough of twilight! D:< ( rp for twilight haters!)
+ My Lovely Misfit (2x1)
+ Saint Felita High! (needs students)

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