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Why the hell are you not talking to me?

$ The black cats
$ S.A.C.W.T.C.P
$ A Chat for some people
$ Fallout NV -Work in progress-
$ War of the Four Teams
$ War of Four Teams OOC
$ The tomb on the mummy
$ The Witches castle.
$ The Castle of the Warlock
+ Fellow Oregon folk :D
$ Chi and daunty.
+ ✜War of the Four Teams ✜ OOC
$ Just in case
$ A Place for me and two friends
$ Yuri Club (fun times for all)
$ A demonic Family
$ The twin's Enemy
$ Dark secretes
$ Darkness overflows.
$ The prince and the girl
$ The princess the guardians and the invaders
$ Mew-chan?
$ The Kitty and the human
$ Hex and the Nightmare
$ Oni-chan loves me no me!

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