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I like men


l Random l Kind l sweet l submissive l shy l unpredictable l Feminine l

write a lot of mature things, most which is safe for the cite, some which is taken else where.. I do not care if my mature literature is straight or homosexual, though i do prefer to play the submissive annd i guess i do have a thing for yaoi. Also love anything not of this world, aliens, vamps, witches, anything. So if you have the itch to write, send Wiccan a message.

I'm sorry to everyone I let down in my past absences. Sorry to everyone I might let down in the future..

- Wiccan

Nothing ever done, and nothing ever really did.

Spinning webs and wasting Time

Hanging out with fucked up kids.

Billowed, smoke and inside jokes.

Busted houses knotted ropes.

Yes, maybe, no, hmm, definitely, never, nope.

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+ Secrets and Magic, Yaoi (Open 1x1)
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$ Soul Eater (closed)
+ The Legend of Majik (DEAD)
+ Element Bonds
$ Soul Eater II /Achieving Death Scythe (DEAD)
+ 1on1 searchy search
+ Young Avengers (Dead)
+ Gods Fated for Love (dead)
+ Blood and Brooms (DEAD)
+ The Secret Circle ((DEAD))

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