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Good morning~ I am
!! But you can call me Kim or Elizabeth or Grace or Shina, or any other nickname as you please. I`ll even take the name of one of my RP characters, if that`s how you prefer to refer to me.

I don`t know my RP skill number, but I`ll learn how to figure that out soon enough, and eventually when I get better at RP again, I`ll post up some writing samples and such. Any questions or anything else you want to know about me, feel free to PM me. :3

Current record post: Char Count: 5768 / Word Count: 1040

~My ES Family~

So, right now, it`s not much, but it`s bound to grow. <3
Lovely-Lesbian-Lover-Wifey: Kitty
Older Sister: Nikka
Younger Sister: Eevee
Younger Brother: Ari-kun
Cousin: Pippy

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$ Secrets Can Kill - High School

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