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and proud :3

I Like...

Horses, horses, horses, horses, maybe horses(just MAYBE), Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Warriors, Neil Gaiman, FMA, AtLA/LOK, BBC Sherlock, BBC
Merlin, Dr Who, Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Guren Lagaan, soccer, Chelsea FC, Barcelona FC, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm too lazy to write ^^'

Friends!!! And ES Family =^.^=

ES Family...
Sisters: Mio-Loper and Nine_Tailed_Fox
Brother: JigokuKawaiiDesu
Do excuse the spazziness of my profile~ I'm working on it!

+ RP Search~!
$ W a r r i o r s for birdseyeview
+ Searching...
+ R P S E A R C H!!!
+ Hoofs ES Family?
$ LGW • For Firestar
+ FMA Chat

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