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So... I guess the school year is almost over. I'm sad... But at least this time I got my friends numbers! ^-^

All about Omen: 1. Loves everything and everyone 2. Enjoys watching anime :Subbed: 3. Listening to Japanese Rock and Pop ^-^ 4. Amateur Photographer and Artist 5. Love the colors Lime Green and Pink 6. Currently in JROTC 7. Writes short stories 8. Has a tendency to over think things :even jokes: 9. Is a Brony 10. ... well, I guess that's it. ^-^

I love this site!!!! *Jumps in excitement* It's so awesome!!!! Everyone here is freakin awesome!!! I'm so glad summer is near, now I can chill with my ES buds!!!! I love my life and everything about it :besides the Idiots in my classes: I so can't wait to talk to you all again!

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