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Role Play Profile

Hi there :D
I'm really into roleplaying but sometimes i really cant post often due to strict restrictions...
And I tend to be OOC at times... and I apologize for that D:
I Am Semi-Literate since I can only post 500 or more characters :3

About Me
My name's Jamera Java
Im 18 years old
I'm a fan of yaoi and yuri
I'm also a fan of straight couple sometimes X3
And I also cosplay ^.^''
I also watch Anime, they are to many to mention :3
I write and draw when Im bored :3

Roleplays that I want to do/Can Do:

School life

Mein friends :

$ A Love Like This
$ (F)or (T)houx(A)n(B)an
+ Just random rp prompts that end up dying
$ {F}or {B}eyond {B}irthday
$ [F]or [K]ita-[S]an
+ 1 x1 search again
$ F[or] S[er] L[ight]
$ F[or] S[aku] H[ina] L[over]
$ The Light to Darkness
$ Highschool crush 1x1
+ Yaoi rp anyone?

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