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Role Play Profile

What I'm looking for...

I'm just looking for people to rp with. I prefer 1x1 rp's. I like action, adventure, randomness, romance, and horror. Ninjas are awesome and I like school based rp's that have weird twists. Just pm me if you want to rp.

I absolutely hate it when people just stop posting on rp's and don't give me any notice that they are quiting the rp. I will allow a 6 day period before I send you a pm. If you do not pm me back or post within 13 days, then I might wipe the rp clean and look for someone else to rp with.

My ES pets:

About me...

Name: Rusin (unless we get to know each other better.)
Age: 21
Gender: I'm a male.
Birthday: 3/15/95
Relationship Status:

RL: single
ES: single

I am (sort of) an...

$ An Unfortunate Situation
$ Tainted Feathers (1x1 closed)
$ War's Solution (1x1 closed
$ The War of Two
$ We Own The Sky
$ Tormented Romance
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$ For DanceWithDragons and I (1x1 closed)
$ For BakuBachiBan and I (1x1 closed)
$ Married My Enemy (For Darkelfprincess and I (1x1 closed))
$ For Mika-Chan and I (1x1 closed)
$ For SoHa and I (Closed 1x1)
$ For Alyce and I (1x1 closed)
$ for wingedwolfy120 and I (1x1 closed)
$ for QueenXyna and I (1x1 closed)
$ for Chocological and I (1x1 closed)
$ for LoveIsAnIllusion and I (1x1 closed)
$ for angelina123 and I (1x1 closed)
$ for nekoda and I (1x1 closed)

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