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Role Play Profile


Preferably kb, killer, bunny, misha or bear.
Why do you want to know peodbear?
Heterosexual; meaning I’m attracted to boys, nothing else.
Taken by myself.

Status: Learning how to use Autodesk at the moment. My friend is giving me a tutorial... -12/8/2017.

$ Witchcraft & Wizardry: Global Tournament (A Harry Potter role play)
+ For MMmMmmmEeeEeee~! ._.
+ Praised Or Crazed❣ (testing)
$ ◒ Our Pokémon Adventure ◓
+ Intraterrestrial Versus Extraterrestrial: Alchemy versus Gundams and Mechas.
$ Damsel In Distress
$ Howl Hallow's Village
$ {̶~̶H̶o̶w̶l̶ ̶H̶a̶l̶l̶o̶w̶'̶s̶ ̶V̶i̶l̶l̶a̶g̶e̶~̶}̶
+ {̶~̶I̶N̶H̶●̶B̶I̶T̶●̶B̶L̶E̶~̶}̶
$ ‹«D.E.B.U.G.G.E.R.S.»›
+ {̶~̶G̶o̶g̶g̶l̶e̶’̶s̶ ̶I̶n̶v̶o̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶~̶}̶ [Under construction]

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