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Hello I am Marie. I love to Rp. I have several friends here and family, family are the following : Big brother : The_Hurricane. Angel_Love ~ Sister. nightmaremoonZoe : Sister. Dragoncita - friend. AskredSamari ~ Cousin. JensonRowe ~ friend. If I missed anyone let me know please. Thanks. I am looking for a few more Roleplay's, so pm me if you have any ideas. don't be shy. I don't bite, much. Lol.

+ To Everyone that Roleplay's with QueenXyna, Read Please-Important! Hey all, for some reason this site is glitching badly for me and I can't hardly login or even post. It started after I ha
+ OOC Thread for Family of Witches and Warlocks.
+ The Family of Witches and Warlocks. Small group Rp.
$ Romance my heart. ( For Kera-chan).

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