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Hehe You know you wanna clickie me! :D

Hey everyone, figured i'd finally put up a little about me. Really, there's not much to me. Haha i'm not that great all in all, but i try. I'm your average panexual, fun-loving, Jashinist, 17 year old girl. If you're really that interested in what i'm like, just message me or join one of my roleplays ;D

What the hell, might as well do this too lols

Name: Most just call me by my user name, but if you don't want to call me that just ask ;} hehe

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Taken

People i love: kitsune_yasha [now Kit], Crazieberrys, Vlanderson, Pancakes, Heartless_Blaze, Gummy ....

And idk who else XD

These are just off the top of my head. If i left you out, pm me and let me know ;} heehee

A picture Crazieberrys made for me :) Aka it's not really us! >_<

$ (Need Sasuke)
$ For KuraiKokoro
$ For Na-chan
$ For -pinkfluffyunicorns-
+ Wanting To Do A Yaoi, Join? Seme Needed :P
$ For SnakeBites
+ Bored. Anyone, rp? Please T.T
$ Her New Cage (Closed)
$ Her Unwilling Rebirth (1x2) [Closed]
$ Trapped inside (1x1) [Looking for a male]
+ The Pretend Boy
$ Hmmmmm Question mark lol
$ For Kibinya
$ The Secret of Her Night (Male Needed)
$ The Secret of Her Night (Closed)
$ I want to do a Naruto romance rp
$ Trapped inside (1x1) [Looking for a male]
$ For firestar
$ For ninjamage
$ The secret boys
$ For WallStreet 1X1
+ Hinata&Gaara 1X1 (Closed)
$ Naruto Girls Sleepover ;P
$ Kingdom Hearts Chat :D
+ We never thought ....

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