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I am a warrior. Trained mentally, and physically. Strong, unbreakable. I will not bow before those whom appose me. I will defend others, and protect all those dear to me before anything. I am a lover at times, but am not completely concerned with that. I will push myself to a breaking point just to get up, and do it again. Why? Because, what does not kill me will only make me stronger. I am a member of Phoenix company. My band of brothers will come first, so do not try to draw me away from them.

To my brothers...

I was not born with a poetic voice, or a charming manor. I was not born with soft toned pleasing warmth of a friendly smile. I was not brought to this earth to carry the burden for others. I was not meant to be molded, or shifted in any means. I was born cold hearted. I was given the strength to stand threw the waking storm. I have the courage to rush in where even an angel would fear tread. I was given the fearless disposition that will surely be my downfall. I was given the ability to stomach the grave wounds of a comrade, and the patients to see them threw. I was created to fit into the small elite group that forms phoenix company.

** **

I am a brother to some. A friend to others.
I am a follower, a leader, and a change in tides.
I can be your worst enemy, or your closest asset.
I can be a cold hearted manipulator, or the extending hand to bring you back up.
I can be a comrade, or the one you dread to meet.
I can be anything.
I am everything I wish to be.
I am nothing you wish of me.
I am loving.
I am hateful.
I am cold.
I am the warmth that trails from within.
I am your shadow.
I am your guardian.
I am your fear...

I am Evan Brown.
I am phoenix company.

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